1. Undercover Agency – $ 50 – 8hrs
  2. This forms the core of what we do for most corporate institutions. Here, specially trained agents are planted within the contracting organization to look into specific areas as per client’s request.

  3. Excuse Duty Fraud – $ 300 – Daily basis
  4. An employee who requests for an excuse duty by faking a reason can do anything to malign your company. Our experience with such employees is a record of fraud, malfeasance and cases of stealing.

  5. Comprehensive Undercover Investigation – $ 400 – Daily basis
  6. This kind of investigation has been carried out into higher levels of operation such as government. From a minimum of 28 days to a maximum of 6 months, we sweep under the carpet of a given assignment.

  7. Deep Company Due Diligence – $ 300 – 24hrs
  8. Relationships matter in the corporate world. The real or imagined associations others have with your brand make a lot of difference.

  9. Undercover Surveillance – $ 300 – Daily basis
  10. Tiger Eye PI makes use of vehicles, tracking devices and other sophisticated equipment as part of this specialized form of tracking and conducting surveillance on a given subject.

  11. Secret Hidden Camera Planting – Cost is dependent on angles and number of cameras
  12. Code-named the “Unseen Eye”, this specialized service by Tiger Eye PI provides live feeds on particular subjects by secretly filming into a master server for the client to access.

  13. Deep Employee Background Check – $ 300 – Daily basis
  14. This service has been used exclusively on senior personnel within organizations. Detailed and highly confidential information are the deliverables under this service.

  15. Observational Due Diligence – $ 400 – Daily basis
  16. Nothing matches the qualitative approach to gathering data. Here, we observe, film secretly and bring footage to our clients to see for themselves and make decisions on the given subject.

  17. Undercover Security Personnel – $ 500 – 24hrs
  18. Tiger Eye PI’s high profile agents, trained under Israeli Security Intelligence, have mastered the science of security and surveillance.

  19. Airport Security Pick-ups – Cost depends on the schedule
  20. Far from the muscle-flexing agents, these special agents are known for their agility and high sense for security detail.

  21. Customized Comprehensive Operations – Cost is negotiable.
  22. Tiger Eye PI understands that business thrives on numerous innovative methods aimed at protecting a company’s image, reputation and staff and increasing profits.